Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Yeah, Okay... Tag

My buddy Steve tagged me with this thing. It is so surprising that he would play along. He usually is one of the most resistant guys to this kind of stuff. Well, he has been gone for like a week so I was able to put this off but now he is back so I have to do it.

A. Attached or Single: Attached.
B. Best Friend: Lisa. She still loves me even though I basically disappear from Aug-Nov for water polo.
C. Cake or Pie: Pie. Favorite quote: Get in the kitchen and make me some pie! - Eric Cartman.
D. Day of Choice: Saturday. Mowin-mowin.
E. Essential Item: Wow. Power tools - Air tools... tough one.
F. Flavor of Ice Cream: Double choc malted crunch. Ice cream and beer all in one nice package.
G. Gummy bears or Worms: How about none of that crapola!
H. Hometown: Clovis, it's a way of life.
I. Indulgences: I almost always avoid cheap pizza. If it cost $10 for a jumbo, I probably am not so supportive about ordering it. A pizza should cost $20. $15 is okay if you have a coupon.
J. January or July: How about both. So many people complain about being too hot or too cold. I like to enjoy stuff during both seasons.
K. Kids: Got em, love em.
L. Last Movie I saw in a Theater: Iron Man. It rocked.
M. Middle Name: F.
N. Number of Siblings: 2
O. Orange or Apples: Both, I'm hungry.
P. Phobias or fears: Not fond of riding a motorcycle across a bridge during a windstorm.
Q. Quote: Get in the kitchen and make me some pie!
R. Reasons to Smile: Salvation in Jesus Christ. (I copied and pasted Steve's but really...is there a better answer here?)
S. Season: Fall. I love that time of year when you are working outside and suddenly it dawns on you... "hey, I am getting cold here."
T. Tag 3: Patmo, Jesse & Parker. And no fair moving out of the state to get away.
U. Unknown fact about me: I was an All-American swimmer before I got old and fat.
V. Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals: Oppressor/BBQer. Members of PETA need to try my slow cooked baby backs!
W. Worst Habit: Technology. Don't know what I would do if we did not have electricity.
X. X-rays or Ultra-sounds: X-rays but the kind used to study distant stars. (It's a science teacher thing.)
Y. Your favorite food: Tacos, Ribs, Chocolate, Cajun. You did not say I had to stick to one.
Z. Zodiac: Yeah, I hate that crap. I don't believe in it. Homey don't play that.


Swan Man said...

Oh yeah, those baby back ribs are good!

Thurman8er said...

F? F???

Could it be that I'm the only one of your faithful blog-readers that knows what the F stands for???

Heh heh.

Now, how can I best use that information? Perhaps I could start some bidding of my own.

Flying with Enoch (Jesse) said...

I'm always being tagged with various things.