Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It was a great season

Tonight was the last official practice of the season for the Central Valley Water Polo club men's masters team. We started way back January and have been training 2 or 3 nights a week ever since. Some of our guys went to the World Masters in Australia in March. We hosted our own tournament in April. We went to a tournament in Ventura in May and we played in the US National Championships in June. It was a really fun season but it is time to hang up the Speedo until next January. We might have one more exhibition game to start Fresno Pacific's season (we are supposed to be the Washington National's to them but they have another thing coming) late in August. It was fun and I thank God for every day that he continues to let me play this sport. Many of my friends who I have played with over the last 27 years have quit out of financial, physical or marital necessity. I cherish every season I can continue to play.

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westy said...

What a great seasion! I loved every minute of it as well. If I wasn't heading back to Aussie I would be out there in the water next season.

I hope you guys make it to Australia some time so that we can play some water polo together down under.