Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cool new camera

We officially made the switch over to 100% digital cameras in 2003. At that time I bought Lisa a Pentax and we bought an HP photo printer. Since then, it has been awesome and we have not bought a single roll of film. Well, after 5 years of hard service, her 3 mega pixel Pentax is beginning to die. It makes a grinding sound whenever the lens moves and it often is way off on focus. With our upcoming vacation, we decided to get a new point & shoot. I decided on the Olympus 1030. It is 10 mega pixels and it is super tough. It can get dropped from 6 feet and a 220 pound person can sit on it and not break it.
The coolest part is that it can go down to 33 feet underwater. Since I don't scuba, and I can't free dive deeper than about 20 feet; this camera is perfect. Last night I took it to water polo practice with me and tested it out in the diving pool.
It even has this really sweet panorama mode. You take a series of 3 pictures and it stitches them together in the camera.


Flying with Enoch (Jesse) said...

That first picture is awesome. I'm jealous of all your cameras.

Jules said...

Very cool.