Saturday, July 26, 2008

What Cereal would you be?

So today we were watching the Yankees play the Red Sox. The kids were totally cracking up over one of the Red Sox outfielders name. His name is Coco Crisp. We looked it up and his name is actually Covelli but he has gone by Coco since childhood. During dinner, I asked the family the question, "If you were going to have a cereal name, what would it be?"

Jim = Count Chocula

Lisa = Captain Crunch (Coco's cousin)

Our Boy = Life

Our Girl = Apple Jacks
What cereal name would you choose?

By the way, the Yankees whooped the Red Sox 10-3.


Swan Man said...

Well, I would have to be "Tastee Wheat", of course (The Matrix is my favorite non-Pixar movie). In case anyone needs a list of breakfast cereals to help them decide, check here -->

Acorn Caron said...

I definitely would be Golden Grahams- or the Golden Graham girl. :)

Sarah said...

well, since there is no pickle flavored cereal (now there's an idea!), I'd have to go Fruit Loop :)