Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What is up with New York?

If you have been watching any news this week, you probably have seen two stories; both out of New York. Giuliani worked so hard to get prostitution out of Time's Square and now Governor Spitzer brings it back. He resigned today by the way.

Billy Crystal is turning 60 and what is he going to do? A small party... no. A night out? Nope. He is going to get to play for the Yankees during a pre-season game. I like Billy Crystal but what the heck. What is going on in New York? If anyone should be the Governor or play for the Yankees it should be Chuck Norris.


Flying with Enoch said...

As the days go by and become more and more thankful that Fresno is the biggest city I ever spend significant time in. LA, SF, and NY? I'll visit but no thanks.

NerdMom said...

It isn't the mayor but the Governor of NY. I find it funny because you you linked to and it is indeed Michael Bloomberg who is Mayor of NYC.