Monday, March 3, 2008

Reactions to Larry & President Reagan

My friend Dave sent me an article today about Larry Norman & Ronald Reagan. If you have ever gone out to dinner with me, you know I always give the name Reagan if we cannot be seated right away. I think that President Reagan is one of the greatest Presidents ever because he preached doing the right thing, even if it was hard. I often wonder if Nine-Eleven would have ever happened under Reagan's watch.
When I read this article, I decided to share a couple of excerpts with you. It is a bit long but worth the read. Here goes:
When I saw a man with that familiar long blond hair checking in at the hotel registration desk of the Washington Hilton Hotel I was stunned. Was Larry Norman, the anti-establishment Christian rock musician really planning to attend this most conservative Christian gathering ?

When I approached Larry he said he had just arrived from a performance at Eastern Mennonite University, in Virginia and was simply spending the night before flying home in the morning. I was interested in talking with him and asked about having lunch together.

I had a memorable conversation over lunch with this man whose talent and activism I admired. During our conversation I mentioned President Ronald Reagan would be at the hotel that very afternoon to address the convention, and if he were interested I could possibly arrange for him to attend the event. I said I didn’t suppose he would be interested in seeing President Reagan, but that Pat Boone would be singing as well. I had heard Larry and Pat were friends.

To my astonishment, Larry said, « Could I see President Reagan ? »

I was stunned that Larry could be anything but an anti-establishment guy like me, and answered, « Do you like President Reagan ? »

He said, « Oh, I do. I voted for him. I think he is the greatest President we have ever had ! »

I was shocked.
He then said, « It was Winston Churchill who said, ’When you are in your twenties, if you are not a liberal you do not have a heart. But when you are in your forties, if you are not a conservative, you don’t have a brain !’ I am nearing forty. »

Larry did attend that gathering and President Reagan delivered a powerful address that challenged us all to take a stand for right, no matter the cost.
The complete article is available here if you wnat to read the rest. I am still sad over Larry's passing this past week but it is good to know that I will see both he and President Reagan again one day.

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