Friday, March 14, 2008

Sad Day, not sure???

I am not sure how to feel about today. In December 0f 2000, I bought my "dream car". I had saved up, took some chances with the stock market that paid off; and bought my mid-life crisis ride. It worked out for the last seven years because the kids were at different schools or had different pick up times. Well, this year, both kids need to be picked up at the same time so this car just does not work out. (2 peeps only) Well, this morning I met a buyer at work. He looked it over, drove it and about a mile from the school said "I'll take it". No counter offer. No bartering, just "I'll take it". He gave me a cash deposit and headed to his bank. He will return on Tuesday to pick up the car.

Next car??? Four qualifications:
  • 1. It must be convertable. This goes back many years but I truly belive that I will never have a hard top as my main vehicle. I think it goes along with being a water polo coach and a science teacher. I love the great outdoors so much that I can't stand to have a roof over me while I drive.

  • 2. It has to have at least 4 seats. (Back to the reason the last car had to go)
  • 3. It has to be BadA@#. This is a very subjective idea. To be considered BadA@#, it either has to be a. Really fast b. Handle like it is on rails. c. Fly (not invented yet) d. Run over stuff with ease.

  • 4. Cost less than $33K out the door.

One option. A Jeep. Had one from 1990 to 2000. Loved it.

More to follow.


Anonymous said...

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Chad Davis said...

I just bought 2 certified pre-owned cars from weber. Check these out in their inventory. I wanted the black convertible but had to go with a 4 door for car seat ease.