Saturday, March 22, 2008

Stations of the Cross

Yesterday was Good Friday and the whole family went to church for the Stations of the Cross. It was very moving to go through each step that Christ followed on his way to the cross. I was the first one to get through so I had some time to think by myself while everyone else finished up. It made me wonder how we (as Christians) ever got away from things like this. I mean, if you think about it; not many churches outside the Catholic church do a Stations of the Cross. Where did all the stained glass go? Why did we loose a lot of the tangible practices? I can recognize that when Martin Luther broke from the Catholic church, ritualism was part of the reason... but to loose all of the tangible practices of Christ's love for us... why? I thought that yesterday was a great experience for myself and my family.


Anonymous said...

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Mike Swain said...

During Lent I attend Stations of the Cross each Friday evening. The priest reads a passage, then the faithful participate in a response. To me it reinforces the suffering that Jesus went though to save us. I am glad you were able to participate in Stations this Easter season. Best -Mike