Friday, March 21, 2008

Jeeps are cool

Back in 1991 I bought my first Jeep. My buddy "The Lose" had one too. It was fun and we did a lot of cool stuff in our Jeeps. Well, I sold my car earlier this week and bought another Jeep. Here it is.

They sure have changed a lot since 91. Gone are the kidney jarring hits as you go over pot holes. It is pretty plush and I am scared to take it off the pavement. If you have ever owned a jeep you will understand about the "jeep wave" . I am glad to be part of the club again. When I had my little sports car, it was "my car." Now that we have a jeep, it is not called "my car," it is called "the jeep." As you can see, The wife left first this morning. I guess I need to set my alarm tomorrow!

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