Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Haircut Diaries

Here is what I looked like last March.

Right before I cut my hair, I took a picture. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been rotating these pictures through my Facebook page. I have got a lot of comments out of them. I wanted to keep the fun coming but I was out of pictures so I made a collage.

Every year when it gets cold, I let my hair grow. Every year when it gets warm, I go out into the garage and cut my hair. Sometimes Mrs. The Weave will talk me into paying $15 (righteous bucks) for a haircut. This year, she managed to ploy me into getting one in December. Since then, I have been letting it grow out. The big question is, how far will it go before it gets hot and I can't stand it? Will it be a normal cut? A Mohawk? A Mr. T?

You vote... I cut. Mrs. Weave won't let me go to church with a crazy hair cut (makes all the church ladies talk) so I have to do it on Friday and then shave it all off by Sunday morning. Of course, the pictures will go here.


Doulos said...

About a 1 1/2 ago we did a series called "Pity the Fool" in Grounded. It was based out of Proverbs and it was themed after the A-Team. I know, AWESOME! To end the series we had an 80's night and one of our students actually cut his hair like Mr. T! It looked great on him. All this to say that my vote goes to the MR. T.

Swan Man said...

I saw a kid with a mow-hawk the other day, however it wasn't the usual deal. He had long hair (like 8" long) and he used some kind of 'super-mousse' and brought all the hair straight up and out directly away from his head (imagine viewing Saturn from the top). That's what I vote for.

Thurman8er said...


The Weaver's said...

No Mullet. Not ever.