Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Amgen Tour

Today a leg of the Amgen tour came within 1000 feet of my house. It was supposed to pass by early in the afternoon while I was still at work but it was delayed. As I was driving home along the not yet closed route, I saw my wife and daughter in the crowd. I ran home to get my camera and came back. Here are some shots.

As the main group approached.

I have never seen this many people on Clovis Avenue before.

I am pretty sure this is Lance Armstrong. (The guy I am talking about is just left of center, the one most in focus. He is wearing a team Astana jersey) It is the right jersey and the right bike. They went by at about 35mph so I really didn't have much time to compose the shot. Do you think this is him?

I have no idea who these guys are but I really liked the effect of the slow shutter speed and the camera pan.

This one is my favorite. It was really cool when the riders came by. There were 3 guys about 20 seconds in front and the rest of the pack was all together. When they went by it was a big blur of color and it actually made quite a lot of wind.


Swan Man said...

I don't know, I found a pic of Lance, and that guy left of center doesn't look quite like him. Cool pictures none the less. I like the helicopter shot. 1/2000 of a second makes the thing look like it is just hanging there!

Thurman8er said...

That's really cool. I love the wind they generate.