Saturday, December 20, 2008

Super Cool Christmas Gift

Last night we went to my brother's house for Christmas with his family. My sister drove over from the coast to join us. After dinner we did the present exchange. My sister had Bill and I open our gifts at the same time and we both pulled out thumb drives. My sister then started to explain what our gift was about.

My father, was an avid photographer. I am a Nikon man today because of him. My first lens, a 50mm f1.8 was a gift from him. Over the years, my dad took thousands of pictures. I still remember the hallway closet. It was filled with guns, fishing tackle and boxes and boxes of slides. When he passed away in 1998, my step mom cleaned house. She threw away a bunch of our family memories and sold my dad's tools & guns for pennies at a garage sale. (Obviously, she was not a person of high favor with the Weaver's) I managed to salvage (Still had a key to the place) his slides which were by that time just thrown in multiple photocopy paper boxes. My sister, who is the official family historian/genealogist, ended up with those slides. So, what was on those thumb drives? About 400 family pictures that encompass the past 60 years.

My sister spent countless hours with her slide to digital copier going through these pictures. She scanned, cleaned, adjusted and labeled each picture then put them on a thumb drive for my brother and I. Both Lisa and I agreed, this is one of the coolest presents that we have ever received.

Thank You Linda!

This is my mom and I at the docks, probably in San Pedro. My dads friend was a Merchant Marine captain. We would go check out his ship whenever he was in the country.

My sister Linda, me and my Brother Bill in 1967.

Yes, even a swimmer back in 1965.

My dad.


NerdMom said...

What a truly thoughtful and wonderful gift! I am so happy that you have all of this heritage!

Swan Man said...

Great story! I love how you told it. When I read, "we both pulled out thumb drives", I thought, "oh wow, bummer man." Then by the end of the story, I thought, "what a extraordinarily fabulous gift!!!"