Saturday, December 27, 2008

Family Computer Building Fun

You probably read my post a few days ago about building a new computer. Well, that leaves some pretty good parts hanging around so it was time for "tech hand-me-down" time.

The wifey offered to help, (mostly motivated by the pile of parts on the floor of the office.)

I was very proud of her. She was not afraid to jump right in and wrench on stuff. She was in charge of stripping down each case and re-mounting drives and motherboards while I wired everything up. She even pinned out the control wires for Zach's computer. Obviously, this was a big turn on for me.

Dogs are no good for building computers. They sleep the whole time that you work.

Motherboards make me happy!

Lisa's computer almost ready to go.

Yep, sleeping again. Cute but no good for technical work.

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