Friday, December 5, 2008

Bryan Adams

Last night the little lady and I had a date. Her birthday present this year came early. She wanted to go see Bryan Adams at the Tower Theatre. We started off our evening with dinner at Sequoia Brewery. I had the fish with an I.P.A. and she had the tri-tip sandwich. Tasty.
We arrived at the concert 5 minutes before Bryan Adams came out. It was really cool. We sat in the 9th row center. It was a really small venue and since Bryan Adams played the whole concert acousticly, it had a very intimate feel. He left home his band and only brought a pianist. It was cool because he did a lot of interacting with the audience. He even took requests. Someone jokingly yelled out, "Stairway to Heaven." Without missing a beat, he played (and expertly I might add) the introduction.

Here is a movie the wifey took on her nifty underwater camera.


Thurman8er said...

That would have been way fun. Did you feel like it was the summer of '69 all over again?

Swan Man said...

What a great night!

Family Jules said...