Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Weekend Water Polo

This weekend I took the boy with me and we went down to Ventura to play with my club in a Master's Water Polo tournament. It was a really fun tournament. My friends Rick and Bryan both took their sons as well. We had two games on Saturday and played very well. We beat two other 40+ year old teams and then faced some younger guys on Sunday. We actually did pretty well against the 20 year old's losing each game by 2 goals. Saturday night was the best. All of the visiting teams stayed in 8 campsites on the same circle at McGrath State Beach. During the day we killed each other in the pool and that night shared a beer, played some volleyball and got to know the other athletes around the campfire. We even played hide and go seek with our sons. The next morning we held a short church service with some of our team and the Fresno Pacific water polo team. One guy brought a guitar and we sang a few songs, heard a short passage from Psalms then had one of the Pacific students prayed for us. Very cool weekend!


Thurman8er said...

That's all very cool. I also enjoyed the pictures of Yosemite except for that one of the boy wearing a Twins cap. What's up with THAT?

The Weaver's said...

Yeah, not Twins. Century Tigers, the Elementary team he played for.

Thurman8er said...

Dude, that's a Twins cap. If somebody planted a Yankees cap on their noggin and told you it really stood for "Norsetown Youth" you'd say, "Dude, that's a Yankees cap."