Sunday, May 11, 2008

Funny thing at church today

So this morning my buddy Pat Callahan was speaking at church. His topic was on honoring your mother. He made some very nice points but the one that brought it all home is what leads us to our funny story. You see, Pat's eldest son was sitting next to me working in the tech booth. Pat's wife was sitting behind the two of us. At the pinnacle of Pat's message, he pulled out a note that his eldest wrote to his mom for Mother's Day. All throughout the letter, Kelli started to weep more and more. By the end, she was sobbing big time. What a moment... I was sitting right between Mother and Son during this magical time. She is sobbing, he is hanging his head: part in embarrasement, part to hide his emotions from the rest of us in the booth. It was a great time to take a picture so I did. You know, kind of "Kodak; capture the moment" kind of stuff. I am sure that Kelli is going to appreciate me sharing this with the millions of people who read this blog every day. Sorry the quality is so bad and looks like it was taken with a cell phone. I took it with a cell phone.

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Jules said...

That WAS a good letter. I cried too. It's a mommy thing.