Saturday, April 5, 2008

Picket Fence

So you know those lists that everyone makes. You know, the kind where you put stuff on it and that stuff never comes off. Stuff like, "remodel kitchen". You know, stuff like that. Well today I finished a project that has been on my list for almost 3 years. I kept meaning to get around to it in the summer but it was always too hot. I finally painted the picket fence. When I built it 10 years ago, I made the mistake of buying the cheapest paint I could find. This time, I used the best. The coolest part of the whole deal was that before I painted it, I needed to re-nail the boards. When I built it, I used a finish nail gun and those little nails did not hold. This time, I decided to repair it using bigger nails. This resulted in me getting a big nail gun. Any job on the list that can result in a new tool to hang on the pegboard is a good job.


Thurman8er said...

Yeah, that sounds like this argument I made a couple of years ago: "Y'know, if we're going to get a Christmas tree EVERY year, then I am plainly going to need a chainsaw."

The Weaver's said...

Dude, you have a chainsaw? Or... did you avoid putting up a tree?

Greg Swan said...

Any project that involves a new tool is definitely worth-while!