Friday, April 11, 2008

Mandatory Stuff

I usually don't think of work much once I get home. I think that is one thing I do pretty well... leave work at work. I am blogging about work because right now I am at work. The students are taking a practice test for the upcoming California Standards Test and I am all caught up with grading, so Blog I will. So today I received notice in my school mailbox about a "mandatory poster" that I am supposed to display in my classroom. This one has something to do with college requirements. (Actually pretty important compared to the others). It got me to thinking... how many of these "mandatory posters" do I have? I have three (English, Spanish and Hmong) because someone sued the state and part of the verdict was that I have a poster. I have some science safety stuff. I have the FUSD goals. FUSD core beliefs. I have posters telling the students what I am supposed to be teaching them; aka "course standards." I have about 10 mandated motivational posters. I have a poster that says if students bring drugs to school, they will be expelled. (Not true) When I counted them, I have 23 mandatory posters in my room.

Pretty soon I will not have space for science posters.

Once in a while, they send someone from the office to inspect. I think that might be an all day job now.


Thurman8er said...

I think I have about half of my mandatory posters up. Right now I am in "let's find out what they are really going to DO about it" mode.

I mean, if a kid can grope another kid with no consequences, what are they really going to do to me for not stapling some laminate to my wall?

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Thurman8er said...

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