Monday, November 19, 2007

Vacation Time

Polo is over and the family was ready for a vacation. We are staying at Mrs. Weave's parents trailer in Morro Bay. When we got done setting up the trailer on Saturday (and we put out the fake front grass) The oldest said "Man, this is living". I guess we have done a good job teaching him to appreciate what he is given but maybe there needs to be a lesson on what is living large and what is considered the trailer life. Dang that reminds me, I forgot to bring our garden flamingos and collection of Elvis ash trays.

Today we went to the beach all morning and part of the afternoon. I went out surfing and the kids played in the surf while Mrs. Weave hung out on the beach. The surf was pretty big and I took a mean wipe out followed by 3 subsequent waves holding me under. The best part was when a small pod of dolphins swam right by me. When it was all done, I was spent. Overall it was fun but I definitely have some bruises from being hit by my board. Maybe more pictures of that to follow.

Tomorrow if I still have the guts, we plan for one more day at the beach then it is home on Wednesday.

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