Thursday, November 8, 2007

Playoffs and Pressure

This last Sunday I found out that my water polo team did well in the rankings. We have won our league for the last hand full of years but that usually just means besting one competitive team. Two years ago it was San Joaquin Memorial, this year it was Fresno High. But the rankings for C.I.F.; well that is an entirely different thing. A panel of coaches voted our team 1st in the central section. Because of this preferred ranking, we have an easier path to the championship game. Our first two tournament slots were byes. Our first game is this Saturday Vs the 8th or 9th place team, depending on who wins later tonight. Right now, we are just trying to get the kids to concentrate on what is right in front of them. If we can't win Saturday, we are eliminated. It seems like a lot of pressure and it is. I sure hope the kids do well. I still remember my own competitions in high school. I sure hope that this years seniors will come away from their last season, win or lose, with a good memory.

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