Thursday, October 18, 2007

Strange Day

Today just as the shrimp was coming off the barbie, we got a call. Mrs. Weave's dad was not doing well and mom needed help. Long story short and an ambulance ride later, he was in the hospital. The prognosis looks good but what an experience that was.

After my hospital visit tonight, I have decided two things. One, almost everyone who is a customer at the hospital emergency room likes to smoke. Tonight as I was just hanging around while Mrs. Weave and her mom were in the room with her dad, I watched people carry their barf basin outside so they could puff away in between puking their guts out. It makes me wonder how much smoking is tied to why they are in the ER in the first place. Two, I am glad that I never did become a doctor. The whole place was just sad. Everyone was sick. Some were moaning. Kids were crying. That would be a tough place to work.

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