Sunday, October 28, 2007

New Tech Team

Well, today I worked my first shift on the tech team at our new church. It was really weird. The lead guy had me meet him really early (6:30am) and spent about 10 minutes going over how my station worked. I spent the next 90 minutes just kind of sitting around and chatting with the other tech people who were there. Speaking of my station, I was the "switcher" for the service. What that means is that I am the sole person who controls what content goes up on the two jumbotron screens and all of the various TV sets around campus. If this were TV, that position is called the director. In case I didn't mention, this was my first shift at this new volunteer job.
Next, we had a tech meeting and amazingly; the head pastor attended. The whole idea of everyone meeting first to prepare and make sure we were on the same page was foreign to me. I though that was really cool because if I wanted to, I could ask the pastor questions about his sermon before he began.

I do have some experience doing this kind of work, but at another church and on very different equipment. I kind of thought the head guy would spend his time hanging around and checking up on me. This is the part where today kind of felt like my first day of student teaching. (My first day of student teaching went like this... Master teacher: Class this is the new student teacher Mr. Weaver. Mr Weaver, this is your new class. See you in June... Mr. Weaver: Uhhhh?) Well, the head guy, who by the way is named Randy had enough trust in me that he spent much of my busiest time working on his fantasy football league. I really was not sure if this was because he believed me when I told him about the work I did at my previous church or if he is just that laid back. It was kind of nice in a way because at my old church, any small mistake made by any volunteer or paid person was likely to result in an instant and public chastising by the head pastor or the lead tech person. Come to think of this, today was kind of nice in that regards... just strange.

Here is a picture of me and my buddy Ryan doing tech stuff at my old church. I sure do miss all the people at my old church but I sure don't miss being yelled at in front of 1,500 people.

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