Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bad Weekend

This weekend was supposed to be spent surfing some nice head high or bigger waves and dining on lots of fish and chips but instead it was filled with sadness. Mrs. Weave's dad ended up in the hospital. (Yesterday's post) We have been putting off getting a dog for the kids and decided to get one this weekend since we were not going out of town anymore. We went to the pound and picked out a nice looking mutt. When we got her home she was cute and lovable but had one big flaw... she could not help herself around our Koi pond. We tried and tried to keep her out. I put her in the kids play area and she promptly ate a 12 inch hole in the wood fence, got out and went after our fish again. We tried and tried but she was very adept at escaping. In the end, we decided that since we could not supervise her 24/7; we had to take her back. The kids took it ok but I was very sad. The weekend ended on a couple of good notes. Mrs. Weave's dad is doing much better and may be able to come home in a few days. Today I sat in with the tech crew at NewCov and was very happy to be behind the scenes again.

Here is something cool I found that made my day better.

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