Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh Dude, that's totally gnarly

So today I got my cast off. (Woo - Hoo) When the nurse cut it off, I thought of those famous words from Jeff Spicoli when he went on a field trip to the morgue. "Oh Dude, that's totally gnarly."

This is the hole on the top. Not very impressive. This is where the doctor took the biopsy and then later covered that hole with his thumb as concrete came squirting through.

This is the other side. Yeah, that is the gnarly side. This is where they opened the hole and put in all the cool titanium. I told the doctor that my friend Jim Healy has a titanium bike. He told me that this little piece most certainly cost more than Jim Healy's bike.

I was totally surprised to hear it but I am released to get back in the pool next week to swim. (No polo yet)


Swan Man said...

"Concrete came sqirting through"? I'm not sure I want to ask what that means... hmmmmm.

Thurman8er said...

Gnarly indeed.

Chad Davis said...

I bet if you had footage of the concrete squirting through, it would be your best video yet!!! Been praying for you, glad you are doing well.

fatquiver said...

Shared your story with several. Beats just about any Thanksgiving story around. Thanks for the good material. And the video was more awesome than ever! Bet I'm the only one who has two copies. Smile. Must be your greatest fan.