Saturday, February 2, 2008

Gotta love the snow

Last week I left school after lunch to go run some errands for Mrs. Weave.

Okay, this is off topic but worth the diversion. She had me go to the Marjory Mason center to pick up some literature for the class she is taking. When I saw where it was located, I decided it would be better if I went. That turned out to be a very good call as the neighborhood is really scary. If you follow google maps you get taken through a neighborhood when you get off the freeway. Da Hood is just South of Dickey's playground. I have always known that Dickey's is a super dangerous place but on this day I learned that da hood behind Dickey's is past scary. As I drove through, I noticed that most of the residents were sitting on their front porches. This in itself may not see out of the ordinary but the strange part was that most of the people were reclining on indoor furniture. A few dudes had lazy boys, some others had full on couches. When I drove by, most of them got up off the couch and started yelling at me to come back. I can only assume they mistook me for one of their customers. I guess it is a good thing that I went instead of Mrs. Weave.

Okay, back to my post. So I was driving back to school and I got a look at the mountains. (In case you are not from Fresno, we live about 30 miles from the Sierra Nevada mountains but usually do not get to see them because of clouds or smog.) The coolest part about this day was that the foothills were covered with snow. It is kind of small but check it out.
Sorry this looks like it was taken with a cell phone. It was.

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