Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So Scary

Today I got a call from my friend Don who I work with. Don has a friend that works in the County Jail and he gave him a call before the news broke. He told me that one of our co-workers, Jim Healy was arrested for child porno and hung himself in jail. I have become good friends with Jim over the past two years. He is our tech guy so I hang out with him a lot.

I had a really hard time believing that Jim would even get arrested, let alone be involved in child porn and commit suicide in jail. He is a good Christian man, a father and a really centered guy. I could not imagine what would lead up to this.

Immediately I started trying to find out if it really was him. I just could not believe it was. Lisa was able to find a website that lists arrest reports. It listed an arrest report with an address. I used my Fresno Unified directory and sure enough, it was the street where Jim Healy lives.

A few minutes later, I found an article when it first broke in the Modesto Bee. It said that Jim Healy, age 65 had been arrested. I know that my friend just turned 50. Things were starting to look up. A few minutes after we found another article that said he was arrested at school where he taught...J.E. Young. I immediately went back to my directory and there it was, two Jim Healys.

I talked to Jim on the phone tonight when we got home from church. He said it has been a busy night for phone calls and e-mails. I told him that I was glad he did not die in jail as a child porno guy. He was glad too.

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STUD said...

LOL poor jim he is such a great teacher hahaha I need to email him to joke with him haha