Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Olympic Silver

I have played water polo for the Central Valley Water Polo club for the last 9 years. Each year we go to a National Championship and end up competing against very good teams. Often, these teams field ex-Olympians. This year, we have our own. Rick Merlo is a local boy who competed in Beijing this past summer. If you don't follow water polo, the men's team came away with silver. Last night, Rick brought his medal to show the Fresno Pacific women's team. Rick is likely to be a part time coach for FPU next year. Our 20's team should do very well this year with Rick's help at Nationals.

Sorry this looks bad, I only had my cell phone with me last night. Man those things are heavy.

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Sarah H. said...

Rick and I were classmates at Buchanan, and it kept annoying me during the coverage that they were mispronouncing his name - they kept saying it "Merlot"... alas, it was still cool to recognize someone!