Friday, September 5, 2008

Super fast Internet for less $$$

This speed test was ran at the rush hour time of 7:00pm - Pacific. Earlier, I got 27777 from I will run one later on tonight when the lines go quiet.

18 months ago we signed up for the Comcast triple play. (Internet, phone, cable TV) We had been with Comcast Internet for years but dropped our old phone and went VOIP. Well, as it turns out, 18 months is exactly the amount of time it takes to forget that you signed up for an introductory offer. This month, our $99/month offer went up to $150. OUCH!

I called tonight with the intention to fake quitting so that they would extend my offer. I did not even have to fake it. When I mentioned that our bill had gone up $50/month, the representative just said, "oh, we are running a September promotion." The promotion includes the DVR, which I was paying $15/month for and 3X faster Internet. (I was already fast at 6Mb/ps) Here is the funny part, the promotion was $5 less than I was paying before.

If you already have Comcast, give them a call. It might be worth it.

BTW, my Internet really is fast now.

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