Saturday, August 9, 2008

Last Vacation for the summer

We decided to take a run to the coast for some late summer fun. I am pretty busy doing some last minute summer videos but we decided to make time. We drove over really early on Thursday and spent the day hanging around Morro Bay. That afternoon, the boy and I rented surf boards and even though it was not the best conditions; had fun.

This is the second time he has stood up on a surf board but the first time it has been recorded.

If you have ever been to The Garden Gallery in Morro Bay, then you will understand what this is all about.

Friday afternoon we went to Avila beach and had lunch with my sister. She suggested this farm so we all tried it out. We ended up having a lot of fun. The kids and I picked berries. They had farm stuff like goats and chickens. The boy got licked by a cow. It left lots of goo on his arm.

After the farm, we headed down to the beach. We met up with our buds the Patamo's, Sailors, and Wolfs.

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