Monday, June 2, 2008

Upcoming Weekend

I am super excited about this coming weekend. I play water polo for the Central Valley Water Polo Club, a local masters water polo team. We have a team of 40 + year old's and we have been training for this weekend twice a week since January. This weekend we are headed up to Moraga for the Master's National Championships.

Water polo is a strange sport. Mainstream sports like football, baseball and basketball are so popular in comparison to water polo; there are literally thousands if not tens of thousands of master's age competitors. Water polo only has a few hundred in the United States. This makes for something interesting. If you play water polo after college, you will very likely come into contact with ex-Olympians. This weekend, one of the teams we may come up against is "The Olympic Club." This is a very elite water polo club. To join... you guessed it; you must have previously played in the Olympics or played for the National Team. If you follow water polo, you know that in 1984 The US team won the gold and in 1988 silver. Yeah, you guessed it; those guys are now in the 40 + bracket. Wish us luck.

One more thing I am excited about is that right in the middle of our tournament; the US Olympic team is playing an exhibition game against the Australian team and I have my ticket. Expect pictures from that one to appear here soon.

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Flying with Enoch (Jesse) said...

I don't know water polo from water anything but I realize that's cool.